“He took great pains with the artistic placement of the stones”

“Ricki came to my home early morning he was scheduled to build my fireplace. He was expecting to find my gas log fireplace fully installed and the framing for the fireplace already built and ready for tim to ‘work his magic’ and create a rock fireplace. He was surprised to find that the framing had not been built (as had been promised by the vendor handling the arrangements). Most people would have left saying, “Call me when you are ready to have the rock work done.” Ricki did not say that! Instead, he went back home (quite some miles from my home to his), got his truck and the tools he needed; went to Lowe’s to pick up the lumber and materials necessary for the job and returned to my home and built the framing and the fireplace. Ricki worked non-stop for many hours and finished the job. I could not even get him to take a lunch break. A job which was supposed to take a few hours, turned into an all day task. During the entire day, Ricki was very pleasant, hard working and professional. He took great pains with the artistic placement of the stones to make a beautiful fireplace out of the river rock simulated stones. His craftsmanship is a beautiful addition to my log home. The fireplace looks like it has always been there. I am happy to recommend Ricki Pierce for any size job. He is contentious, hard working, very neat in his work and clean up, and such a nice person to know!”
Gail B. Waddell, Asheville NC